Insider Report: Three Turkish Hospitals Provide Records Of Extreme State Force

Status Update On Patients Being Treated As A Result Of Gas Bombing And Disproportionate Use Of State Force Between The Dates Of May 31st and June 1st in Istanbul, Turkey.

The following information was obtained from the Istanbul Chamber of Medical Professionals staff.


“Reporting many complaints from Friday and Saturday due to gas exposure.   The complaints are different from gas exposure related symptoms we have seen to date.  55 patients were  treated for head, arm and leg trauma. A 22 year old male has lost his left eye due to a plastic bullet.  A 19 year old male is being watched closely with a subdural hematoma resulting from the impact of a gas capsule. A 22 year old male patient has taken a blow to the front of the head and suffered a fractured skull and is under close watch due to acute hematoma dagnosis.”


“Received hundreds of patients during the first two days due to central location.  Majority were respiratory cases, eye irritation due to exposure to gas… Of the three patients with head injury, a 34 year old female received emergency surgery due to brain hemorrhage and compression fracture.  The same patient was also operated on the next day due to subdural hematoma.  She is under surveillance and in a critical condition. A 24 year old male was admitted to surgery with a compression fracture and is being treated as an inpatient.
Another patient, age unknown, suffers compression fracture and is being treated without surgery.”


“Over 100 injured patients were treated during this period.   Of these, nine suffered a form of significant trauma and five were admitted for surgery.  Of these, one person suffered trauma to the testicle, one ponson subdural hematoma and two people trauma to the left eye.  One was operated on and has lost all eye sight.  The other eye patient is being watched with the diagnosis of eye perforation. Of those still to be operated on, two suffer from maxillo facial trauma, one with a broken left arm and another with multi fracture of the collarbone.”


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