Breaking News: BBC Output Censored In Turkey

Two journalists from BBC Turkish, Selin Girit and Goktay Koraltan, had prepared a TV package about why Turkish media is unable to broadcast gezi events, as well the issue of censorship in Turkey in general.

BBC Turkish has a 20 minute slot to broadcast on NTV news everyday. NTV is available nationwide and is partnered MSNBC.

Today, NTV refused to broadcast the story. The 20 minute bulletin was not aired.

Although the story is currently on BBC Turkish’s web page and it will be broadcast on BBC World tomorrow, this is a significant breach of contract. BBC editorial was removed for the airwaves.

On June 6th, BBC Global News Director Peter Horrocks has issued the following statement regarding the BBC and NTV, Turkey.

“The BBC is committed to fair, balanced and impartial coverage of events around the world.

“The BBC has complete editorial independence over its programmes broadcast by NTV in Turkey. Following the start of protests in Turkey last week, the BBC sought and received assurances from NTV that BBC programming would continue to be broadcast in full and without interference.

“NTV has apologised to its staff and viewers for not covering the protests in their early days and has reaffirmed its commitment to international standards of journalism, both to its viewers and to the BBC. NTV is now reporting all aspects of the protests in Turkey in its news coverage.”

The question is, will the British broadcaster choose to break it’s relationship with NTV as a result of this clear example of unashamed censorship?




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