Saturday Summary: The Police In Pictures

What a marvelous few days it has been for state forces worldwide! And by marvelous please read utterly and completely diabolical.

Opening up my computer this morning, I saw a friend had posted a video of the police in Switzerland breaking up a reggae party. Remember that Harlem Shake thing that went viral? It bears a certain reminiscence. The ridiculousness of it would almost be funny if it were not so barbaric.

Here is that video re-posted, along with a few other heart warming images of the police in action this week.

SWITZERLAND (yesterday)

CHILE (Thursday). The “pacos” approach us as we stand in an empty street. The police had already successfully dispersed the crowds and the air was thick with tear gas. We sheltered in a local cafe to avoid the force of the water.

water grande

Photo by Felipe Antonio Olguin Donoso

TURKEY (Tuesday). Spoke to a friend in Istanbul on Thursday, the day Erdogan made the threat about fathers and mothers removing their children from Gezi park as the occupation would no longer be tolerated. She told me that in the evening, hundreds of women went to Gezi and surrounded it, holding hands. Ready to protect.


BRAZIL (last night). Protests that began as a demonstration against rising transportation have spiraled out of control across the country.



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